Protecting Aboriginal Children -pb

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Christopher Walmsley
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College, University
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UBC Press
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Protecting Aboriginal Children is a brief volume that examines the way children welfare practices in British Columbia have worked against supporting Aboriginal families and children that enter the provincial child welfare services system. During the sixties scoop First Nations children were apprehended from their communities and families and placed in care. The author outlines the history of this practice in British Columbia and how this system has failed First Nations children. This form of oppression and colonialism has been maintained but today First Nations communities have developed their own child welfare organizations to assist children and their families. The author studied the views of 19 child and family service workers in 1998 and 1999 in order to propose a theoretical foundation for child welfare workers who deal with First Nations. He identifies the various models such as the power-oriented practice, policy-oriented practice, family-oriented practice, and community oriented practice that child welfare workers have employed as their philosophy of practice. Now he calls for a more participatory approach that firmly engages and incorporates the child's extended family and home community. The theoretical framework and methodology for this study are placed as appendices to the book. There is a helpful bibliography and index. Anyone involved in social work, child welfare, health and education will find this study insightful and useful. This title is also available in a hardcover edition.

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