Aboriginal People and Other Canadians PB

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Martin Thornton, Roy Todd
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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University of Ottawa Press
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Aboriginal People and Other Canadians: Shaping New Relationships is a collection of six articles by six scholars all associated with the Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Leeds. Their discussion relates to Aboriginal history, governance, politics, missions, criminal justice, health, urban living, and tourism issues. Taking the recent Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples as their guide, the authors discuss the relationship between Canadians and Aboriginal Peoples. In the justice essay, the author reports on the new approach of Aboriginal justice circles. In the essay on tourism, the author looks specifically at the Cowichan First Nations attempts to enter the tourism industry. The essay about the Christian missions to Aboriginal People is simply a bibliography. While there are no annotations, the author has divided the works into broad categories. The text has an index. Students of history, sociology, and Native Studies may find this book beneficial for understanding a British scholarly perspective on First Nations and Canadian relations.

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