Keeping the Lake's Way

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Paula Pryce
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College, University
Plateau, Salish, Sinixt
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University of Toronto Press
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Keeping the Lakes' Way: Reburial and Re-creation of a Moral World among an Invisible People is the first book devoted to the history of the Sinixt Interior Salish, known as Arrow Lakes Band. Officially declared extinct since 1956, the Lakes people have "officially" maintained their presence among the Colville Confederated Tribes in Washington state and other First Nations in British Columbia. Since 1989, many Sinixt have made pilgrimages to their former village site at Vallican, British Columbia. This place remains a focal point where they have worked to have ancestors' remains repatriated from museums and reburied at Vallican. Paula Pryce, an anthropologist who grew up in the historical territory of the Sinixt, explores the troubling history of this remarkable people. Her powerful narrative looks at the complex process of the construction and reconstruction of identity in a world of constantly shifting boundaries.

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