Being Alive Well

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Naomi Adelson
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Adult Education, College, University
Cree, Subarctic
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University of Toronto Press
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Being Alive Well: Health and the Politics of Cree Well-Being is a recent publication about the Whapmagoostui Cree (Great Whale River) and their concept of Miyupimaatisiiun ('being alive well'). Anthropologist Naomi Adelson began working with the James Bay Cree in 1988. Her research involved analysis of health theory as it relates to this contemporary community that has endured considerable stress from such things as hydroelectric development projects. In examining health issues, the author takes the worldview of the Cree and extends the Euro-western meaning of health to include much more than simple physiological soundness. The broader historical, cultural, and political realities of the contemporary world of the Cree affects the people's health and wellbeing. Included are a brief history of the Great Whale region of Quebec, an examination of the meaning of health in a social science context, and a generous sampling of direct quotes from her informants. The complex meaning of health for the Cree can be summed up in the words of a Cree Elder, "If the land is not healthy then how can we be?" This important study should be required reading for anyone interested in the Cree philosophy and worldview, health and healing issues, and Native Studies.

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