Oneida Lives -pb

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Herbert S. Lewis, L. Gordon McLester
Grade Levels:
Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Iroquois, Oneida, Woodland
Book Type:
University of Nebraska Press

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An amazing collection of Oneida oral history and personal accounts collected during the WPA Federal Writers' Project from 1940-1942 by Oneida men and women from Oneida, Wisconsin. This collection was selected from more than 500 biographical narratives collected and recorded in Oneida and English during this make-work project. Originally the project was interested in Oneida language material but changed when a different supervisor was hired. The project hired 12 Oneida men and women from the community to collect and record Oneida history, biographies, and stories about growing up, work, family relations, beliefs, sports, boarding school experiences, love, and politics. The original records were located and have been brought to the general public through this work. This book contains 65 stories, told by 58 men and women from the Oneidas of Wisconsin. The narratives recall life from the 1880s, World War l, the Depression, and the beginning of World War ll. Told with candor and humour, the recollections provide a remarkable history of the Oneida of Wisconsin told from their perspective. A hardcover edition is also available.

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