The Walleye War

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Larry Nespar
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College, University
Ojibwe, Woodland
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University of Nebraska Press
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From the front lines on lakes to tense, behind-the-scenes maneuvering on and off reservations, The Walleye War: The Struggle for Ojibwe Spearfishing and Treaty Rights tells the riveting story of the spearfishing conflict, drawing on the experiences and perspectives of the members of the Lac du Flambeau reservation and an anthropologist who accompanied them on spearfishing expeditions. This book offers a clear perspective of the historical roots and cultural significance of spearfishing and off-reservation treaty rights and we see why many modern Ojibwes and non-Natives view them in profoundly different ways. We also come to understand why the Flambeau tribal council and some tribal members disagreed with the spearfishermen and pursued a policy of negotiation with the state to lease the off-reservation treaty rights for fifty million dollars. Fought with rocks and metaphors, The Walleye War is the story of a Native people's struggle for dignity, identity, and self-preservation in the modern world.

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