Oneida Indians in the Age of Allotment, 1860-1920

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Laurence M. Hauptman, L. Gordon McLester
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College, University
Iroquois, Oneida, Woodland
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University of Oklahoma Press
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The Oneida Indians in the Age of Allotment, 1860-1920 is a collection of writings by Oneida educators, historians, scholars, and Elders collected during a 2003 historical conference held in Oneida, Wisconsin. Their writings cover specific years and a variety of topics including education, boarding and residential schools, land claims issues, musical life, economic activities, veterans in the Civil War, leadership, and legal cases. Historian Laurence Hauptman worked with Gordon McLester to compile the essays and oral history accounts. Sixteen of the oral history accounts were collected from Oneida, Wisconsin residents during the WPA Language and Folklore Project of the late 1930s. While the coverage focuses on Wisconsin, an essay by Oneida scholar Eileen Antone from Oneidas of the Thames provides a much-needed Canadian perspective. She discusses the residential school experience for Oneida children during the 1840-1920 period. The book contains an extensive bibliography, detailed index, 25 archival photographs, and a map of the Oneida lands in Wisconsin. This is an important contribution to the literature about the Oneida people during the 1860-1920 period.

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