Joseph Brant 1743 - 1807

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Isabel Thompson Kelsay
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College, University
Iroquois, Mohawk, Woodland
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Syracuse University Press

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Joseph Brant, 1743-1807, Man of Two Worlds by Isabel Kelsay is the classic biography of the man known as Thayendanegea. Joseph Brant was a Mohawk military and political leader who was closely associated with Great Britain during and after the American Revolution. He was perhaps the most well-known North American Indian of his generation. He met many of the most significant people of the age, including George Washington and King George III. He was never a chief in the Six Nations Confederacy, Brant rose to prominence thanks to his abilities and his connections to British officials. Through his sister, Molly Brant, he was associated with Sir William Johnson, the influential British Indian agent in the province of New York. During the American Revolutionary War, Brant led Mohawk and colonial Loyalists against American revolutionaries in a bitter partisan war on the New York frontier. During the war, he was accused by the Americans of committing atrocities, charges that were later shown to be false. After the war, he relocated to Canada, where he remained a prominent man among the British settlers. This well documented volume remains the must-have volume about this historical figure.

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