Hopi Cookery

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Juanita Tiger Kavena
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Hopi, Southwest
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University of Arizona Press
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Hopi Cookery is a cookbook featuring modern and traditional Hopi cooking that contains 110 recipes. Written with respect and personal knowledge, this selection of recipes is based on Creek educator Juanita Tiger Kavena's 30-year teaching career among the Hopi. Married to a Hopi, Kavena has learned about traditional foods and their preparation from the kitchens of her Hopi relatives. The cookbook is organized around Hopi staple foods such as beans, corn, wheat, chilies, meat, gourds, and native greens and fruits. The author provides background information about types of corn and beans and how to prepare them. The uses of culinary ash are outlined as well as how to grind corn into flour. A section on Hopi snack foods is included as well as a section about traditional beverages such as teas. The recipes have easy-to-use instructions and alternative ingredients are often suggested. From staple foods such as fry bread to baked squash blossoms, this cookbook provides a unique perspective on Hopi food and its preparation. An introduction provides historical and cultural information about the Hopi and their cooking methods. A detailed index and chart documenting the mineral content of Hopi staple foods are included.

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