Indians in Minnesota, 5th Edition - pb

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Elizabeth Ebbott, Kathy Davis Graves
Grade Levels:
Twelve, College, University
Dakota, Ojibwe, Winnebago, Woodland
Book Type:
University of Minnesota Press
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Indians in Minnesota is the fifth edition of the League of Women Voters of Minnesota title first issued in 1962. The goal of the first edition was to provide comprehensive information about the lives of Minnesota Indians and their relationships with federal, state, and local governments. This edition brings the information up-to-date with details about the Ojibwe and Dakota people living on reservations and in the urban areas of Minnesota. The research is based on information from the 2000 Minnesota census as well as interviews with Ojibwe tribal members. The book is organized into chapters that describe Ojibwe culture, natural resources, economic development, employment, education, social services, health, housing, and criminal justice issues. Currents issues facing Native Americans in Minnesota are explored as well as efforts to maintain and preserve tribal sovereignty, culture, and language. The book contains numerous graphs, statistical information, maps, photographs and an extensive bibliography and index.

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