The Boy in the Treehouse

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Drew Hayden Taylor
Grade Levels:
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Talon Books Ltd.
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The Boy in the Treehouse, and Girl Who Loved Her Horses is collection of two plays about the process of children becoming adults by Ojibwe playwright Drew Hayden Taylor. In The Boy in the Treehouse, Simon, the son of an Ojibwe mother and a British father, climbs into his half-finished tree house on the vision-quest his books say is necessary for him to reclaim his mother's culture. In Girl Who Loved Her Horses the strange and quiet Danielle from the non-status community across the tracks, is imbued with the mysterious power to draw the horse every human being on the planet wanted but could never have. She is and remains an enigma to the people of the reserve, but the power of her spirit remains strong. Years later, a huge image of her horse reappears, covering an entire side of a building in a blighted urban landscape. The eyes of her stallion, which once gleamed exhilaration and freedom, now glare with defiance and anger. Danielle has clearly been forced to grow up. With these two one-act plays, Taylor adapts the ideas around the rites of passage that occur in all cultures in the production of these dramas.

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