Nehiyawewin:itwewina - Cree Words English Vol 1 & 2

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Arok Wolvengrey
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Adult Education, College, University
Cree, Plains
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Canadian Plains Research Center
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Nehiyawewin: Itwewina (Cree: Words) is a 2 volume set of Cree Words Dictionary. Volume 1 contains Cree-English; volume 2 contains English-Cree words in Plains Cree (Y). Edited by Cree Editing Council: Freda Ahenakew, Judy Bear, Elizabeth Lachance, Doreen Oakes, Solomon Ratt, Velma Baptiste-Willet, Edie Hyggen, Rita Lowenberg, Jean Okimasis, and Delores Sand. The Cree-English section of volume 1 contains in excess of 15,000 Cree entries, with indication of dialect variation. Included are words and expressions found in children's stories, language teaching texts, grammars and reference books of all levels, and in stories from the sacred to the profane; from the legends of wËsahk?céhk to historical accounts by those who lived the history; from lectures on proper behaviour to humorous accounts of the opposite. Given the extensive word formation rules of the Cree language, many of the Cree entries must be translated by entire sentences in English. As a result, the English-Cree glossary of volume 2 often lists a single Cree word under a number of different English keywords, resulting in well over 35,000 English entries.

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