Aboriginal People and the Fur Trade

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Louise Johnston
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Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
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Aboriginal People and the Fur Trade: Proceedings of the 8th North American Fur Trade Conference, Akwesasne is the conference proceedings from the 2000 event held on Akwesasne Territory. Half of the conference presenters were Haudenosaunee historians, Elders, and academics. The papers recorded in this volume represent the Indigenous and standard historical approaches to understanding the significance of the fur trade for First Nations and Metis peoples. The papers are organized into themes such as The Haudenosaunee and Freedom of Trade; Haudenosaunee Perspectives on the Fur Trade; Algonquins and the Fur Trade; To Points West and Beyond; People and Places in the Fur Trade; and Resources Materials on the Fur Trade. Essays of note include Barbara Gray's paper, The Effects of the Fur Trade on Peace: The Haudenosaunee Woman's Perspective; Dan Longboat's, Haudenosaunee meet the World Eaters in the Fur Trade: Capitalism vs. The Natural World; Furs for Beads, Brass, Iron, Guns, and Alcohol by Peter Jemison; The Legacy of the Fur Trade by Richard W. Hill; John Mohawk's Unambiguous Conquests: Haudenosaunee Warfare, 1603-1673; Kevin White's The Imagery that Evolves out of the Fur Trade Era 'Indian'; and David McNab's The Spirit of the Canadas: The Kennedys, A Fur Trade Company Family through Seven Generations. Tim Brisco writes about the Oneida woman, Sally Ainse (1728-1823), and her role in the fur trade. The book contains photographs of the presenters throughout.

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