Seneca Splint Basketry

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Marjorie Lismer
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Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Iroquois, Seneca, Woodland
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Seneca Splint Basketry is a reprint of Indian Handicrafts Bulletin 4 published in 1941 by the Education Division, U.S. Office of Indian Affairs. The author describes the importance of basket making among the Seneca of New York State. She notes that practical uses for baskets by the Seneca remain intact in a rapidly changing culture. The author also identified a growth in tourist trade baskets. The book is a well-illustrated how-to guide for making baskets in the iroquois style. Most Iroquois baskets makers use the plaiting technique for creating practical baskets for corn washing and sifting, carrying heavy loads, and berry picking. The book describes the materials used to make a basket, the method for preparing the splints, weaving techniques, handle making, and decoration. Archival photographs, many of Allegheny Seneca basket makers, as well as simple drawings illustrating weaving techniques enhance the text. Anyone interested in the art of Seneca/Iroquois basketry will find this book a valuable reference.

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