Sacred Legends

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Carl Ray, James R. Stevens
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Cree, Subarctic
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Penumbra Press

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Sacred Legends is a reprint of the original 1971 McClelland and Stewart text published under the title, Sacred Legends of the Sandy Lake Cree. Carl Ray (1942-1978) was from the Sandy Lake Reserve in northwestern Ontario. He was a well-known Woodland style artist and was a member of the Indian Group of Seven, who painted in this style. Carl Ray translated the traditional stories collected from Sandy Lake Cree elders, Abraham Mamakeesick, Monias Fiddler, John Goodman, William Mamakeesick, and St. John Kakekagumick. The stories are organized around themes and key culture heroes. Many of the stories revolve around the humourous exploits of the supernatural trickster, Wee-sa-kay-jac. There are legends about the Rolling Head, the Thunderbirds, and Ja-ka-baysh. The authors include five stories about Windigo, as well as a collection of predictions and customs. This revised edition contains an introduction to the Sandy Lake community, a biographical sketch of Carl Ray, and a glossary of Cree terms used throughout the stories. Many of the stories contain mature themes more suited to senior high school and post-secondary level readers. This is an important collection written and illustrated by the talented Cree artist, Carl Ray.

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