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Susan Guyette
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Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Clear Light Books

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Planning for Balanced Development - A Guide for Native American and Rural Communities is a book about the methods of a community planner who combines cultural preservation and economic development. Susan Guyette presents her model of development planning that addresses the unique requirements of Native American communities. Her approach is community-based as she recounts the case study of the creation of a cultural centre at the Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico. The need for economic development is vital for many First Nations and Native American communities. This book is a step by step guide for ensuring sustainable development within a cultural context. Chapters discuss the principles of sustainable development and cultural revitalization, the planning process, needs assessment, business development, cultural tourism development, generating funding, and implementing the plan. While the case study focus is the American Southwest, the ideas and concepts are transferable to any First Nations or Native American community development involving a museum, arts or cultural centre. The author includes contacts for State Arts and Humanities Councils, a list of North American Indian Cultural Centers and Museums, articles of incorporation, and business plan guidelines for economic development projects. Included throughout the book are helpful diagrams, charts and photographs. An index is included. A paper edition is also available.

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