Dialogues with Zuni Potters

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Milford Nahohai, Elisa Phelps
Grade Levels:
Adult Education, College, University
Pueblo, Southwest, Zuni
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Zuni A:shiwi Publishing

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Dialogues with Zuni Potters is a 100-page book that explores the unique quality of Zuni Pueblo pottery through the words of the artists. In order to explain the work and depth of knowledge, the authors have chosen 14 potters to feature in this lavishly illustrated book. Author Milford Nahohai, from Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico, is an educator, potter, and founder of Pueblo of Zuni Arts and Crafts. Quanita Kalestewa, Josephine Nahohai, Randy Nahohai and Rowena Him, Milford Nahohai, Anderson and Avelia Peynetsa, Agnes Peynetsa and Berdel Soseeah, Eileen Yatsattie, Gabriel Paloma, Marjorie Esalio, Noreen Simplicio, and Livia Roxie Panteah are profiled in this book. They talk about their training, techniques, firing their pots, decorating the pots, collection and handling of the clay, and the teachings from their mothers about creating Zuni pottery. The book includes 55 colour images, and 50 halftone images of this unique pottery style. This book is accessible and highly readable for anyone interested in pottery and the arts.

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