Eshkintam Nishinaabemang Mzinagan Introduction to Nishnaabewin

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Shirley Williams
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Adult Education, College, University
Ojibwe, Woodland
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Neganigwane Company
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Eshkintam Nishinaabemang Mzinagan Introduction to Nishnaabewin is the required text for Introductory Ojibwe taught by Shirley Williams at Trent University. The author notes that the dialect presented in this language manual is the one found on Manitoulin Island, Wikwemikong First Nation. This Ojibwe dialect is classified as Manitoulin Central and is part of Eastern Ojibway language as defined by linguists. The purpose of this manual is to present Ojibwe vocabulary, pronunciation skills, and basic language principles such as listening, speaking, writing and reading with a goal to promoting conversation. The professor notes that this manual and the book, Gdi-nweninaa, should be used concurrently by the student. Chapters cover the Writing System (revised Baraga/Fiero), Consonant and Vowel Syllable Chart, Native Language Teaching/Learning Model, Writing Systems, Personal Pronouns, Nouns, Verbs, Prefixes and Suffixes, Demonstrative Pronouns, Classroom Phrases, and 54 Lessons. The manual also contains an Ojibwe - English Index, English - Ojibwe Index, an Ojibwe Theme Index, references, and maps of Ojibwe territories. The course is designed for a 24 week period. The language manual makes an excellent resource for Ojibwe language instructors, and students at the post-secondary level. This 244-page book is spiral-bound.

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