The Fur Trade in Canada

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Michael Payne
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Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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James Lorimer & Company Ltd.
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An engaging new look at this compelling era in Canadian history.
The fur trade set the tone for European exploration of North America and established the very foundation of Canada.
In this book, extensively illustrated with visuals from some of Canada's most prominent museums and archives, historian Michael Payne explores the personalities and events that shaped this powerful business.
Many of Canada's cities trace their roots to the fur trade. From Champlain's settlement of Quebec to the founding of Fort Edmonton and Fort Victoria by the Hudson's Bay Company, Payne tells the stories of these locations and the role they played in Canada's fur trading system. Among them: Montreal, Thunder Bay, and Winnipeg.
This book also details the fur trade's true origin as a network of trading patterns among Aboriginal peoples. The arrival of European traders forced many to choose sides. All faced horrific consequences for these decisions.
The Fur Trade in Canada: An Illustrated History is an engaging new look at this compelling era in our history.

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