Misconduct: Deal With It

Anne Marie Aikins
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Not Applicable
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James Lorimer & Company Ltd.
Deal With It Series
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Misconduct: Deal With It Without Bending the Rules is one of the titles in the Deal With It Series created to assist adolescents with everyday conflicts in their lives and promotes peaceful resolution. This title examines how students can effectively deal with rules in their everyday lives whether they are the troublemaker, the follower, or the witness to misconduct. The various forms of misconduct are defined with easy to understand examples presented in comic format, a quiz, letters to a Conflict Counsellor, do's and don'ts, and tips on how to deal with these issues. Suggested activities to prevent situations that lead to misconduct are provided as well as a resource guide for follow-up activities. This is a valuable student resource for dealing with the issue of rules and misconduct at the classroom level. The cartoon illustrations are effective and inclusive showing male and female students from a variety of cultural and religious groups. A Teacher Guide is available at http://www.lorimer.ca/tr-deal-with-it.html

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