Let The Drums Be Your Heart - LIMITED QUANTITIES

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Joel T. Maki
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
Book Type:
Douglas & McIntyre

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Let the Drums be Your Heart: New Native Voices published in 1996 brings together the work of more than forty Aboriginal writers from all over Canada. concerned with family and the past, romance and adventure, tragedy and danger, these poems, short stories, articles and life stories ring with pride and determination. As editor Joel T. Maki points out in his introduction, storytellers and historians have always played a vital role in Indigenous communities, ensuring that individual cultures, languages, legends and customs would survive. In this book, as in his earlier anthology Steal My Rage, Maki presents the work of writers from a variety of nations and backgrounds. Honouring past and present struggles of Native peoples everywhere, this anthology will serve to remind readers, as Maki says, of the proud warrior spirit that lies within.

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