The Indigenous Experience

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Chris Andersen, Roger C. A. Maaka
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Canadian Scholars
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The Indigenous Experience: Global Perspectives is a focused collection of 21 essays that tackles the subjects of racism, colonialism, and the ongoing struggle of Indigenous Peoples around the world for sovereignty and justice. The text is organized around four main themes: Colonization and Indigenous Peoples; Colonialism, Genocide, and the Problem of Intention; Social Constructs of Colonialism; and The Indigenous Struggle and the Politics of Indigeneity. The papers discuss the lives of Indigenous Peoples of Hawaii, the Ainu, the Maori, Rapanui, the Mohawk, the Plains Cree, the Sami, and the Métis. Topics include residential schools (Chapter 9 Killing the Indian in the Child: Four Centuries of Church-run Schools), sovereignty, Indigenous knowledge, epidemics, and the criminal justice system. The authors include Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Russell Means, Suzanne Fournier, Ernie Cray, Audra Simpson, Sarah A. Carter, Anthony J. Hall, Gerald Taiaiake Alfred, Roger Maaka, and Augie Fleras. In order to make the text more accessible to post-secondary students the editors include critical thinking activities for each chapter and there are introductory essays preceding each major section.

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