Reconfiguring Aboriginal State Relations

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Michael Murphy
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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McGill-Queen's University Press
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Reconfiguring Aboriginal-State Relations includes 15 scholarly essays that make up this volume of Canada: The State of the Federation, 2003 issued by the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations. Recent intellectual and policy work on Aboriginal-state relations in the context of Canadian federalism has not kept pace with an increasingly socio-demographically diverse Aboriginal population which has complex relationships with non-Aboriginal peoples and governments. This volume suggests that this disjuncture between policy and reality needs to be addressed with fresh ideas and governance models that recognize the autonomy of Aboriginal populations and their interdependent relationships with non-Aboriginal societies and governments. Drawn from a variety of disciplines and perspectives and including a cross-section of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal voices, Canada: The State of the Federation, 2003 assesses whether self-rule, shared-rule, and intergovernmental policies are sufficiently flexible to adapt to the challenges of federal reform. Michael Murphy is lecturer, Department of Political Studies, the University of Otago, and research associate, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University.

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