Red Earth, White Lies

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Jr. Deloria
Grade Levels:
Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Fulcrum Publishing

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Vine Deloria, Jr., leading Native American scholar and author of the best-selling God Is Red, addresses the conflict between mainstream scientific theory about our world and the ancestral worldview of Native Americans. Claiming that science has created a largely fictional scenario for American Indians in prehistoric North America, Deloria offers an alternative view of the continent's history as seen through the eyes and memories of Native Americans. Further, he warns future generations of scientists not to repeat the ethnocentric omissions and fallacies of the past by dismissing Native oral tradition as mere legends. Originally published by Scribner in 1995, this edition includes bibliographical references and an index. Examines modern science as it relates to Native American oral history and exposes the myth of scientific fact, defending Indian traditional teachings as the more truthful account of the history of the earth.

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