Native American Ledger Art Coloring Book

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Jesse T. Hummingbird, Sandy Hummingbird
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Preschool, Kindergarten, One
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Book Publishing Company
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Native American Ledger Art Coloring Book: Counting 1 - 10 is an activity book for children. The drawings in this activity book were created by Cherokee artist Jesse T. Hummingbird. He uses the page format of ledger books once used by store owners for keeping accounts. After the loss of the buffalo, the Plains Nations were placed on reservations. The Plains artists no longer were able o draw pictures on buffalo hides and turned to utilizing ledger books. These lined books were used to draw stylized images and designs that told stories. Jesse Hummingbird uses this same technique and created this simple counting book with stylized Plains images. Designed to assist young children who are learning their counting skills, this book features a 2-page spread for each number from 1 to 10. For example, the number 10 has one page for counting 10 feathers and a second page for drawing a circle around 10 feathers. Each page can be used for colouring. The artist includes feathers, drums, horses, dogs, and powwow dancers in the line drawings. An excellent resource for young children who are learning to count to ten.

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