How to Keep Your Language Alive

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Leanne Hinton
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Heyday Books

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How to Keep Your Language Alive: A Commonsense Approach to One-On-One Language Learning is a practical guide for anyone interested in teaching or learning an Indigenous language. Based on the author's ten-year experience in using the Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program as it is practiced in California, this guide addresses both the leaner and mentor roles. The approach stresses that a young language learner pair with an elderly speaker to apply the one-on-one model. The idea is that this pair uses immersion techniques in the everyday setting so that the learner will acquire oral communication in the language. It is estimated that 600 hours of practice will be required for the leaner to achieve some fluency. The author presents a detailed three-year sequence for achieving the goal of communication. The learner is then expected to pass on the learning to another person. The author provides practical advice to the language team so that they can overcome the barriers that will confront the teacher and learner. The team will need organization and sustained determination and the book offers motivating ideas to continue the program. The book offers ideas on how to establish a community developed language program and details successful programs. This is a valuable addition to the literature on Indigenous language learning.

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