Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage

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Marie Battiste, James (Sa'ke'j) Youngblood Henderson
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Purich Publishing
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Whether the approximately 500 million Indigenous Peoples in the world live in Canada, the United States, Australia, India, Peru, or Russia, they have faced a similar fate at the hands of colonizing powers. That has included assaults on their language and culture, commercialization of their art, and use of their plant knowledge in the development of medicine, all without consent, acknowledgement, or benefit to them. The authors, Dr. Marie Battiste and James Youngblood Henderson, paint a passionate picture of the devastation these assaults have wrought on Indigenous peoples. They illustrate why current legal regimes are inadequate to protect Indigenous knowledge and put forward ideas for reform. This book looks at the issues from an international perspective and explores developments in various countries including Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and also at the work of the United Nations and all relevant international agreements. This book defines Indigenous knowledge, outlines why such knowledge is crucial to the survival of Indigenous Peoples, how current legal regimes are inadequate and proposals for reform. The book examines the situation of Indigenous Peoples throughout the world and also looks at the work of various international bodies including the United Nations. Both authors are First Nation academic scholars.

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