The Seven Circles : Indigenous Teachings for Living Well

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Chelsey Luger & Thosh Collins
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Adult Education
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HarperCollins Canada
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Reprint May 26/23

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Chelsey Luger is Anishinaabe from Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, Hunkpapa and Mniconjou from the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes and Thosh Collins is O'odham, Osage, and Seneca-Cayuga. Together they founded their Indigenous wellness initiative, Well for Culture, extending an invitation to all to honour their whole self through Native wellness philosophies and practices. Reclaiming ancient wisdom for health and wellbeing—drawing from traditions spanning multiple tribes—they developed the Seven Circles, a holistic model for modern living rooted in timeless teachings from their Ancestors. Luger and Collins have introduced this universally adaptable template for living well to Ivy league universities and corporations like Nike, Adidas, and Google, and now make it available to everyone in this wise guide.

The Seven Circles model comprises interconnected circles that keep all aspects of our lives in balance, functioning in harmony with one another. They are: Food, Movement, Sleep, Ceremony, Sacred Space, Land and Community.

In The Seven Circles, Luger and Collins share intimate stories from their life journeys growing up in tribal communities, from the Indigenous tradition of staying active and spiritually centred through running and dance, to the universal Indigenous emphasis on a light-filled, minimalist home to create sacred space. Along the way, Luger and Collins invite readers to both adapt these teachings to their lives as well as do so without appropriating and erasing the original context, representing a critical new ethos for the wellness space. Each chapter closes with practical advice on how to engage with the teachings, as well as wisdom for keeping that particular circle in harmony with the others.

With warmth and generosity—and 75 atmospheric photographs by Collins throughout—The Seven Circles teaches us how to connect with nature, with our community, and with ourselves, and to integrate ancient Indigenous philosophies of health and wellbeing into our own lives to find healing and balance.

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