Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Teacher Resource

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GoodMinds.com, Pearson Education
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Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Teacher Resource binder and CD-ROM supports the student edition Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and was co-published by GoodMinds.com and Pearson Education. The 2011 textbook is written for the Ontario Ministry of Education's Native Studies Grade 10 course (NAC20). Teacher Guide authors included: Jenise Boland, Margaret Wells, Marlene Finn Wolfman, Cathy Fraccaro, Suzanne K. Keeptwo, Suzanne Methot, Nancy Peters, and Patti Whiteye. The 470-page Guide provides detailed discussions about Teaching Considerations; Unit Lesson Plans; detailed chapter content background, assessment and evaluation, and end of chapter activities. The Program Overview of the Guide provides details about Instructional Design; Developing Critical Thinking and Historical Inquiry; Approaches and Learning Strategies; Differentiation; Assessment and Evaluation; and Presenting a Balanced Perspective. The 14 chapters are organized into 4 key units: Identities and Cultures; The Land; Governance; and Communities.  Each Unit provides a clear understanding of the topic, recommended resources, unit assessment, using the unit opener, and unit performance tasks. Specific topics include residential schools, health and child welfare, family roles and responsibilities, economic development, the Indian Act, land rights, Oka, Caledonia, Stoney Point, modern treaties, Treaty 3, youth, languages, Elders, and leadership. For example each chapter includes ideas for setting the context of the chapter, Info Spots, Curriculum Focus, Cross-Curricular Connections, Sensitive or Controversial Issues, Word Notes, Assessment Opportunities, Using the Chapter Opener, Explore the Big Ideas; and End of Chapter Activities. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the entire 470-page guide in PDF format; curriculum correlation chart; modifiable line masters (includes Oneida Thanksgiving Address in English & Oneida; the Seven Grandfather Teachings; Talking Circles; and A Métis Storyboard); assessment masters and sample rubrics; answers to student textbook questions and LMs; and a Help/Instructions section. The Student Text was approved for the Trillium List Fall 2011. 

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