Indigenous Healing: Exploring Traditional Paths

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Rupert Ross
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Adult Education, College, University
Cree, Ojibwe
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Penguin Canada
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Indigenous Healing: Exploring Traditional Paths by retired crown prosecutor Rupert Ross is the much-anticipated third volume in his series about Aboriginal justice and healing. Following up on his previous books, Dancing with a Ghost and Returning to the Teachings, this 2014 publication shares his lessons learned from years of involvement with the northern Ontario criminal justice system and Aboriginal peoples understanding of justice and healing. Ross examines the effects of colonization and assimilation and how social trauma is in fact magnified over the years, passed down to new generations. The book's first section explains Indigenous worldviews, interdependence, the importance of the circle and medicine wheel, languages and their spiritual connections, relationships, and thankfulness. The second section looks at colonization, residential schools, psychological damage, the sixties scoop, PTSD, and incarceration. The final chapters document the healing methods used to overcome colonization. Despite of trauma of colonization, Rupert Ross remains hopeful that Indigenous Peoples in Canada will continue their journey to a healthy future where Indigenous wellness will be paramount.

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