Encounters in the New World -pb

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Jill Lepore
Grade Levels:
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Multiple Nations
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Oxford University Press
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Encounters in the New World: A History in Documents is a unique collection of quotes from original documents plus maps and images from archival sources all relating to the period of European contact in North America. Organized by themes rather than chronological, the book begins with an introduction for senior elementary and high school students about types of documents and how to read a document to gain a further understanding of history. The book attempts to be inclusive of First Nations' perspectives throughout including Creation Stories. Early maps of the world including one by the ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy as well as other European maps and one by the Catawba recording trade and diplomatic relationships, and another from 1737 showing Chickasaw villages are detailed. Remaining chapters detail first encounters; conquest and resistance; the fur trade and Jesuits mission; the arrival of the English; Africans in America; and establishing New England. The selections are presented with context details and can range from brief quotes to several pages in length. These include eyewitness accounts such as memoirs, petitions, diaries, captivity narratives, private correspondence, and official documents. The book includes a special 16-page color cartographic section, including maps from both Europe and North America, providing a fascinating look at how the maps' creators saw themselves and the world around them. There is a timeline, bibliography and index. The editor, Jill Lepore, is an Associate Professor of History at Boston University. This collection provides guidance for students about using historical documents and understanding perspectives. There are a few minor errors in details such as identifying Huron speakers as Algonquin, but these are minor in nature. Recommended.

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