Native North American Art 2nd ed

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Janet Catherine Berlo, Ruth B. Phillips
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Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
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Oxford University Press
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Native North American Art is the second edition of Janet and Ruth B. Phillips' outstanding publication first released in 1998 through Oxford University Press. This 2015 second edition is a lively introductory survey of Indigenous North American arts from ancient times to the present that explores both the shared themes and imagery found across the continent and the distinctive traditions of each cultural region. Focusing on the richness of artwork created in the US and Canada, Native North American Art, second edition, discusses 3,000 years of architecture, wood and rock carvings, basketry, dance masks, clothing and more. The expanded text, well over 400 pages, discusses twentieth- and twenty-first-century arts in all media including works by James Luna, Kent Monkman, Nadia Myre, Juane Quick-to-See Smith, Will Wilson, and many more. Authors and Phillips incorporate new research and scholarship, examining such issues as art and ethics, gender, representation, and the colonial encounter. By bringing into one conversation the seemingly separate realms of the sacred and the secular, the political and the domestic, and the ceremonial and the commercial, Native North American Art shows how visual arts not only maintain the integrity of spiritual and social systems within Native North American and First Nations societies, but have long been part of a cross-cultural experience as well. New content includes: New focus boxes in each chapter highlighting individual artists (Caroline Parker, Charles and Isabella Edenshaw, Norval Morrisseau, Alex Janvier, Fritz Scholder, and Nivisanaaq); works of art, and distinctive techniques and materials (Sculpture and Mixed Media, Photography, Performance, Installation, Film, Video, and New Media, Craft in Art: Fiber, Metal, and Clay, Painting and Graphic Arts, Inuit Stonecut Prints, Fiber Arts, Pottery, Beadwork, Quillwork, and Clothing Arts); a new chapter on contemporary art; over 225 images; updated names of tribes and First Nations. Janet Catherine is Professor of Visual and Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester. Ruth B. Phillips is Canada Research Chair and Professor of Art History at Carleton University in Ottawa. This updated volume contains specific chapters covering Art 1900-1980: Moderns and Modernists, and Native Cosmopolitanisms: 1980 and Beyond. This resource makes an ideal teacher resource for secondary level teachers involved in the Expressions of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Cultures course.

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