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Georges Sioui
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Huron, Wendat
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McGill-Queen's University Press
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Eatenonha: Native Roots of Modern Democracy is a gift from Georges Sioui and his people, to Canada and to the world. Georges Sioui states that this work is a Native understanding of Canada and a sense of history that preserves, venerates and heals the real nature of this land named Canada. In this understanding Canada will acquire a long-lasting respectability and global stature. This work is about why we must create a truly strong and unified country for all to feel included and valued in a diverse Canada, in recognition of Mother Earth, Eatenonha, our beloved motherland. Eatenonha is an earth-centred cosmology for the whole human community and is a source of concepts and ideas for spiritual renewal and that we all share the Great Sacred Circle of Life. Eatenonha: Native Roots of Modern Democracy posits that the origins of modern democracy are traceable to the Aboriginal Commonwealth that existed in the eastern woodlands of Canada before the arrival of Europeans as a true democracy inclusive of all realms of life, human and non-human. The six chapters: A road Trip in the Eastern United States; Seawi: Hurons of the Rising Sun; The Seawi of the Forty Aspens; The Sioui Case Explained; The Essential Thread of Canada’s History, and Eateonha: Native Roots of Modern Democracy, weaves the author’s story and the documented Wendat history of peace, trade and reciprocity together, to reflect the Great Sacred Circle of Life. This work includes a note on terminology, an appendix, notes on the chapters and a bibliography.

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