First Nations, First Thoughts: The Impact of Indigenous Thought in Canada

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Annis May Timpson
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College, University
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UBC Press
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First Nations, First Thoughts: The Impact of Indigenous Thought in Canada contains eleven essays by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal scholars that discuss the many ways Indigenous Peoples in Canada can influence public discourse and policies within various institutions. The collection is edited by Annis May Timpson, director of the Centre of Canadian Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Developed from the initial conference, First Nations, First Thoughts conference at the University of Edinburgh in 2005, are the various papers presented in this volume. Organized into five themes the papers discuss Challenging Dominant Discourses; Oral Histories and First Nations Narratives; Cultural Heritage and Representation; Aboriginal Thought and Innovation in Subnational Governance; and Thinking Back, Looking Forward: Political and Constitutional Reconciliation. Essays include examinations of The Kainai-Oxford Photographic Histories Project; Representing First Peoples at the McCord Museum of Canadian History; Copyright Complexities in Archiving Aboriginal Stories; First Nations Perspectives and Historical Thinking in Canada; Being Indigenous within the Academy: Creating Space for Indigenous Scholars; Inuit Representation, Culture, and Language in the Nunavut Public Service; First Nations Child Welfare in Manitoba; and Civilization, Self-Determination, and Reconciliation. The contributors include Robin Jarvis Brownlie, Margaret Kovach, Leslie McCartney, Martin Whittles and Tim Patterson, Laura Peers and Alison K. Brown, Stephanie Bolton, Fiona MacDonald, Annis May Timpson, Gabrielle A. Slowey, Michael Murphy, and Kiera L. Ladner. The book contains a detailed index and bibliographies.

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