Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples

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Louis A. Knafla, Haigo Westra
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Adult Education, College, University
Aborigines, Maori, Multiple Nations
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UBC Press
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Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples: Canada, Australia, and New Zealand includes 10 scholarly essays in this collection edited by Louis A. Knafla, professor emeritus of the Department of History, University of Calgary, and Haijo Westra, professor of Greek and Roman Studies at the University of Calgary. Most of the papers are written by lawyers, while anthropologists and historians contribute the remainder in this discussion of Commonwealth countries and the concept of Aboriginal title. Arthur Ray contributes From the US Indian Claims Commission Cases to Delgamuukw: Facts, Theories, and Evidence in North American Land Claims. Brian Ballantyne authored the paper, Beyond Aboriginal Title in Yukon: First Nations Land Registries. Paul L.A.H. Chartrand offers The "Race" for Recognition: Toward a Policy of Recognition of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. Kenichi Matsui wrote Waterpower Developments and Native Water Rights Struggles in the North American West in the Early Twentieth Century: A View from Three Stoney Nakoda Cases. The book contains a helpful index and extensive source notes.

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