Knowing the Past, Facing the Future: Indigenous Education in Canada

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Sheila Carr-Stewart
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Adult Education, College, University
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Knowing the Past, Facing the Future: Indigenous Education in Canada edited by Sheila Carr-Stewart, is comprised of three parts: Part one, First Promises and Colonial Practices, explores the colonial aspects of education through treaty rights and the establishment of residential and day schools. Chapters include “One School for Every Reserve” Chief Thunderchild’s Defence of Treaty Rights and Resistance to Separate Schools, 1880-1925; Placing a School at the Tail of a Plough: The European Roots of Indian Industrial Schools in Canada; and The Heavy Debt of Our Missions: Failed Treaty Promises and Anglican Schools in Blackfoot Territory, 1892-1902. Part two Racism, Trauma and Survivance, addresses the legacy of the schools, intergenerational trauma, racism, persistence, survival and revitalization over three chapters: If You Say I Am Indian, What Will You Do? History and Self-Identification at Humanity Intersection, Laying the Foundations for Success: Recognizing Manifestations of Racism in First Nations Education, Iskotew and Crow: (Re)igniting Narratives of Indigenous Survivance and Honouring Trauma Wisdom in the Classroom. The final part, Part three is titled Truth Reconciliation, and Decolonization and includes five chapters exploring contemporary issues in curriculum development assessment, leadership, governance, incorporating traditional knowledge and Indigenous teaching and healing practices into school courses and programs. The five chapters are: After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: A Conversation Between Two Educators on the Future of Indigenous Education; Indigenous and Western Worldviews: Fostering Ethical Space in the Classroom; Supporting Equitable Learning Outcomes for Indigenous Students: Lessons from Saskatchewan; Hybrid Encounters: First Peoples Principles of Learning and Teachers’ Constructions of Indigenous Education and Educators; and The Alberta Education Council: Realizing Self-Determination in Education. Contributors to this edited volume include Karlee D. Fellner (Cree/Metis) from central Alberta who has worked with various communities, institutions and organizations on traditional approaches to wellness into praxis, Indigenous research, culturally appropriate counselling, and trauma work. Harry Lafond who is involved in education as principal of kihiw waciston school at Muskeg Lake, senator at the University of Saskatchewan and federal education task force. Solange Lalonde (Metis) is involved in education and research, Brooke Madden (Indigenous/Settler), Yvonne Poitras Pratt (Metis), Noella Steinhauer, Plains Cree from Saddle Lake Cree Nation and has spent many years in education and includes First Nations education, leadership, and Cree ways of knowing. Jonathan Anuik on pedagogy and the history of education, Sheila Carr-Stewart, Michael Cottrell, Rosalind Hardie, Darryl Hunter, Jane Preston, and Larry Prochner who are involved in education, policy studies and pedagogy.

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