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David A. Neel
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Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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On Point UBC Press
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The Way Home is a memoir and autobiography by Kwakiutl photographer, woodcarver, hand engraver, painter, writer, printmaker, and jewellery maker, by David A. Neel. It is a story of returning to traditions and culture of his father’s and his people, the Kwakwaka’wakw of Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland. He had a sense of having a place of origin and reconnects with the people of his father’s work, Dave Neel, Snr and the rich symbolism of his art. He is also influenced by Ellen Neel, Mungo Martin, and Charlie James. Geographic distance away from his Indigenous family and community meant cultural distance from carving traditions. From a background of photography, David Neel imbues his reconnection to carving with Kwakiutl stories, colours, and compositions to create an urban Indigenous aesthetic. Over four main chapters, The Way Home begins with Far From Home. In chapter two, Photography: Transformation. Chapter three on Homecoming Interlude: Paintings. Chapter four, Lessons: Chiefs and Elders, Interlude: Prints. Chapter five Resurgence: The Great Canoes, Interlude: Jewellery. And chapter six, Home Again: Coming Full Circle. each chapter contains images and some photographs. Acknowledgements and photo credits complete The Way Home. David A. Neel is also the author of Our Chiefs and Elders: Words and Photographs of Native Leaders (1992) and The Great Canoes: Reviving a Northwest Coast Tradition (1995).

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