Canada and Aboriginal Canada Today

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Paul Martin, Harvey McCue
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Cree, Inuit, Metis, Multiple Nations
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University of Ottawa Press
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Canada and Aboriginal Canada Today - Le Canada et le Canada autochtone aujourd’hui, Changing the Course of History - Changer le cours de l’histoire is an important contribution to the ongoing debate about the role of Aboriginal peoples in the Canada today and tomorrow. It is essential reading for all Canadians who want to learn about the historic roots of current challenges, and to reflect upon the issues of justice and equality for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis today. The Symons Medal, one of Canada’s most prestigious honours, is presented annually by the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Canada’s national memorial to the Fathers of Confederation, to honour persons who have made an exceptional and outstanding contribution to Canadian life. In his 2013 Symons Medal lecture, the Right Honourable Paul Martin, the twenty-first prime minister of Canada, brings to bear all the knowledge and experience of his remarkable public career to explain the challenge of achieving justice for Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Exploring both historic roots and current priorities, Mr. Martin argues self-government is an essential condition for Aboriginal peoples, but must be accompanied by adequate funding. Above all, he issues an urgent, eloquent and deeply informed call to action, calling on Canadians to exercise, today, the same kind of imagination, generosity and courage that the Fathers of Confederation showed, when they met at Charlottetown, in 1864. This brief volume in French and English contains an important afterword by Harvey McCue, The Cree Nation as a Model of Self-Government.

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