Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians

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David J. Wishart
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Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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University of Nebraska Press
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Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians contains excerpts from the University of Nebraska's Encyclopedia of the Great Plains first issued in 2004. This new edition features 123 entries and the introductory essay from the original Great Plains encyclopedia. These entries cover First Nations, Métis, and Native Americans from Canada and the United States. All entries have specific connection to the Great Plains cultural region of North America. This 2007 edition includes 23 new entries as well as additional photographs. The entries include people, processes, places, and events including such familiar entries as Buffy Saint Marie, Powwows, Indian Boarding Schools, Residential Schools, American Indian Movement, Repatriation, Poundmaker, Crowfoot, and Sitting Bull. Court cases, casinos, music and art from the contemporary period are discussed as well as standard accounts of specific nations, treaties, and architectural styles of the past. Illustrations, archival and contemporary photographs, and maps are effectively used throughout the text. The essays and entries are the contributions from approximately 170 scholars and writers. Extensive cross-referencing and the detailed index allow easy access for high school students, college students, and the general reader. The unique geography and fascinating history of the Great Plains Indians is told in this 253-page mix of interpretative essays, biographical sketches, and definitions. An excellent resource for public and school libraries.

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