Intermediate Creek

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Linda Alexander, Pamela Innes, Bertha Tilkens
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College, University
Creek, Muskogee, Southeast
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University of Oklahoma Press
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Intermediate Creek: Mvskoke Emponvkv Hokkolat is the next book in the series that teaches the Creek language. In addition to Beginning Creek: Mvskoke Emponvkv, the authors have developed an expanded understanding of the language that builds on the grammatical principles covered in the Beginning Creek text. This intermediate volume contains comprehensive explanations of the use of the plural subject and object noun phrases; future tense and intensive mood; commands; postpostitions and compound noun phrases; and sentences with multiple clauses. Each chapter outlines the objective of the section and includes vocabulary, writing and reading exercises, listening and recitation exercises, an essay about Muskogee and Seminole life, and a bibliography. The book is accompanied by an audio CD that contains conversations about grocery shopping, watching TV, attending dances, cooking, health, a lullaby, and a stomp dance song. There is also a story about Turtle's shell told in Creek and the translation of the story.

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