Teaching Indigenous Students

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Jon Reyhner
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Multiple Nations
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University of Oklahoma Press
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Teaching Indigenous Students: Honoring Place, Community, and Culture is the 2015 book written by Jon Reyhner, professor of bilingual and multicultural education in the department of education specialties at Northern Arizona University. This volume contains 10 essays by scholars working to help teachers develop culturally responsive curriculum in a variety of content subjects. Grounded in place, community, and culture, the approaches set out in this volume reflect the firsthand experiences of teachers and students in interacting not just with texts and one another, but also with the local community and environment. The authors address the specifics of teaching the full range of subjects—from learning literacy using culturally meaningful texts to inquiry-based science curricula, and from math instruction that incorporates real-world experience to social studies that blend oral history and local culture with national and world history. Teaching Indigenous Students also emphasizes the importance of art, music, and physical education, both traditional and modern, in producing well-rounded human beings and helping students establish their identity as twenty-first-century Indigenous peoples. Surveying the work of Indigenous-language immersion schools around the world, this volume also holds out hope for the revitalization of Indigenous languages and traditional cultural values.Chapters include: Overcoming the Legacy of Assimilationist Schooling; The Continuum of Literacy; Promoting Indigenous Literacy; Mathematics; Indigenous Knowledge and Science; Social Studies; Music; Physical Education; The Fourth Generation: The Sustainability of Native American Art Education; and Immersion Education. Chapter 2 discusses unique oral and literacy knowledge that students bring from their home. Sheilah Nicholas and Teresa McCarty report on Navajo, Mohawk and Hawaiian programs that build on relationships between language, culture and identity.

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