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Louellyn White
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College, University
Iroquois, Mohawk
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University of Oklahoma Press
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Free to Be Mohawk: Indigenous Education at the Akwesasne Freedom School written by Concordia University professor Louellyn White traces the history of the Akwesasne Freedom School, a tribally controlled school operated without direct federal, state, or provincial funding, and explores factors contributing to its longevity and its impact on alumni, students, teachers, parents, and staff. Through interviews, participant observations, and archival research, White presents an in-depth picture of the Akwesasne Freedom School as a model of Indigenous holistic education that incorporates traditional teachings, experiential methods, and language immersion. Alumni, parents, and teachers describe how the school has fostered a strong sense of what it is to be fully Mohawk. White explores the complex relationship between language and identity and shows how AFS participants transcend historical colonization by negotiating their sense of self. According to Mohawk elder Sakokwenionkwas (Tom Porter), “The prophecies say that the time will come when the grandchildren will speak to the whole world. The reason for the Akwesasne Freedom School is so the grandchildren will have something significant to say.” In a world where forced assimilation and colonial education have resulted in the loss or endangerment of hundreds of Indigenous languages, the Akwesasne Freedom School provides a cultural and linguistic sanctuary. White’s important study reminds readers, including the Canadian and U.S. governments, of the critical importance of an Indigenous nation’s authority over the education of their children. This volume contains several maps of Akwesasne, 23 black and white photographs, and an extensive index.  Highly accessible and highly recommended.

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