Native American Performance and Representation

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S. E. Wilmer
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College, University
Kiowa, Mohawk, Multiple Nations, Navajo
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University of Arizona Press
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Native American Performance and Representation is a collection of 14 essays that evolved from a 2002 workshop about Native American Ritual and Performance. The papers discuss theatrical production written by Native American and First Nations playwrights. Contributors use multiple perspectives to look at the varying nature of Native performance strategies. They consider the combination and balance of the traditional and modern techniques of performers in a multicultural world. This collection presents diverse viewpoints from both scholars and performers in this field, both Natives and non-Natives. Important and well-respected researchers and performers such as Bruce McConachie, Jorge Huerta, and Daystar/Rosalie Jones offer much-needed insight into this quickly expanding field of study. Of particular note are essays about the works of Filmmaker Shelley Niro (Performance and "Trickster Aesthetics" in the Work of Mohawk Filmmaker Shelley Niro), Monique Mojica (The Pocahontas Myth and Its Deconstruction in Monique Mojica’s Play Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots; Stories from the Body: Blood Memory and Organic Texts), and Red Earth Performing Arts Company. Additional essay includes: The Hearts of Its Women: Rape, (Residential Schools), and Re-membering.

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