Native Studies Keywords

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Andrea Smith, Stephanie Nohelini Teves
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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University of Arizona Press
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Native Studies Keywords explores selected concepts in Native Studies and the words commonly used to describe them, words whose meanings have been insufficiently examined. This edited volume focuses on the following eight concepts: sovereignty, land, indigeneity, nation, blood, tradition, colonialism, and indigenous knowledge. Each section includes three or four essays and provides definitions, meanings, and significance to the concept, lending a historical, social, and political context.  16 essays by Native Studies scholars examine concepts within the discipline as they appear among American and Canadian studies. Each essay describes the issues surrounding each term carries the goal of stimulating dialogue around each key work. The place where we all live and work together: a gendered analysis of "sovereignty" / Leanne Betasamosake Simpson; Visual sovereignty / Michelle H. Raheja; Postcolonial sovereignty / Nandita Sharma; Land as life: unsettling the logics of containment / Mishuana Goeman; No island is an island / Vicente M. Diaz; Analytics of indigeneity / Maile Arvin; Genomic articulations of indigeneity / Kim Tallbear; Nationalism / Scott Richard Lyons; Indigenous nationhood / Chris Andersen; Blood policing / Cedric Sunray; Mixed-blood / Andrea Smith; Tradition and indigenous languages: accessing traditions episteologically through critical analysis of indigenous languages / Marcus Briggs-Cloud; Tradition and performance / Stephanie Nohelani Teves; Settler colonialism / Dean Itsuji Saranillio; Decolonization / Kirisitina Sailiata; Native American knowledges, Native American epistemologies: Native American languages as evidence / Jane H. Hill; and Epistemology / Dian Million are the contributors. This volume includes an index and resource list.

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