Deadliest Enemies

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Thomas Biolsi
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College, University
Lakota, Plains, Sioux
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University of Minnesota Press

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Deadliest Enemies: Law and Race Relations on and off the Rosebud Reservation examines the nature of law in America as it impinges on the everyday lives of the Lakota Nation people living on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Anthropologist Thomas Biolsi points to the contradictory nature of race, sovereignty, and nationhood ideas among the Lakota People and their neighbours surrounding the reservation. These conflicting ideas and laws provide the setting for everyday interactions that bring together the deadliest enemies of Indian People, the non-Indian neighbours. Race relations and legal disputes go hand in hand because of jurisdictional conflict. These conflicts arise over reservation boundary disputes, sale of alcohol, tribal business licenses, and law enforcement on the state highway that crosses reservation land. Interpretations of local, state and federal laws are translated into a political struggle. This text will be of interest to those who study Native Americans and federal Indian law as well as race relations.

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