Creating Space: Indigenous Education

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Verna J. Kirkness
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University of Manitoba Press
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Creating Space: My Life and Work in Indigenous Education is the memoir of distinguished Elder and educator Verna J. Kirkness. Her story of Indigenous education begins on the Fisher River First Nation community. As the first cross-cultural consultant for the Manitoba Department of Education Curriculum Branch she made Cree and Ojibway the languages of instruction in several Manitoba schools. In the early 1970s she became the first Education Director for the Manitoba Indian Brotherhood (now the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs) and then Education Director for the National Indian Brotherhood (now the Assembly of First Nations). She played a pivotal role in developing the education sections of Wahbung: Our Tomorrows, which transformed Manitoba education, and the landmark 1972 national policy of Indian Control of Indian Education. These two major works have shaped First Nations education in Canada for more than 40 years. In the 1980s she became an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia where she was appointed Director of the Native Teacher Education Program, founded the Ts’‘Kel Graduate Program, and was a driving force behind the creation of the First Nations House of Learning. Honoured by community and country, Kirkness is a visionary who has inspired, and been inspired by, generations of students. Verna J. Kirkness is an associate professor emeritus at University of British Columbia. She is the author of numerous books and articles on the history of Indigenous education and Indigenous language education. She lives in Winnipeg. Her moving story of a life dedicated to education is filled with revealing details about the politics and history of First Nations education. She uses tact and diplomacy in her storytelling but this book will keep the reader engaged and moved by her personal experiences. Highly recommended.

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