Settler City Limits

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Heather Dorries, Robert Henry, David Hugill, Tyler McCreary, Julie Tomiak
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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University of Manitoba Press
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Settler City Limits: Indigenous Resurgence and Colonial Violence in the Urban Prairie West is edited by Heather Dorries, Robert Henry, David Hugill, Tyler McCreary, and Julie Tomiak, some of whom have ancestral connections to Indigenous communities and others descendent from settlers. In Settler City Limits they discuss anti-Indigenous public policy, how the relationship to territory is shaped by political forces, and how Indigeneity and settler colonialism is interpreted in urban studies. In this work the contributors use the Prairies as a context to understand settler colonialism and Indigenous resurgence through discussions with individuals and institutions to ground the work in an Indigenous perspective. Contradictory economic prosperity, the ongoing dispossession of Indigenous peoples articulated and challenged in the production of urban spaces, and how colonial violence is reproduced and contested in cities such as Winnipeg is their focus. Settler City Limits is divided into four parts: Part one, Life and Death focuses on Winnipeg, racism, urban colonial space and border town violence in Mni Luzahan. In part two, Land and Politics the discussion shifts to the Kapyong Barracks and treaty rights in Winnipeg, regional settler colonialism and urban Metis communities. Part Three, Policing and Social Control interprets policing, prisons and gangs. Part four, Contestation, Resistance, Solidarity looks at the films of Sterlin Harjo on Native Tulsa as well as partitioning in the Prairies through a chapter on Muslim identity and decolonizing Prairie public art in the work of Ness Namew. This work frames cities as Indigenous and settler spaces and places. A bibliography, contributor details and an index complete Settler City Limits.

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