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Rene Meshake
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College, University
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University of Regina Press

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Injichaag, My Soul in Story is a book of Anishinaabe poetics in art and words by Rene Meshake (Anishinaabe Elder) with Kim Anderson (Cree/ Métis writer and friend). In Injichaag, ‘my soul’, in Anishinaabemowin, Rene Meshake has the power to choose, to desire, and to be angry and so chooses to tell his story through a collection of short pieces of Indigenous literature. Beginning with an Invocation, Injichaag is arranged in seven themes with Rene Meshake's paintings: Odinimanganikadjigan – stories of nurturing, Nibinaabe – stories of warning, Wikwedong – stories of loss, Bimisi – stories of protection and transition, Miskwadesshimo – stories of recovery, Papawangani – stories of healing through art, and Migisiwiganj – stories of regeneration. Injichaag, is a story of Anishinaabe philosophy, history, linguistics, literary theory, theology/spiritual knowledge and teachings from Nookomis. In the introduction by Kim Anderson, Rene Meshake’s life course is framed according to Anishinaabe life stage theory including epigraphs from Odawa Elder, Liza Mosher.  An epilogue (by Kim Anderson), notes and glossary are included.

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