Blackfoot Stories of Old

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Inge Genee, Lena Heavy Shields Russell
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Adult Education, College, University
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University of Regina Press

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Blackfoot Stories of Old Ákaitsinikssiistsi is the third volume in the First Nations Language Readers series meant for language learners and language users. This collection presents eight Blackfoot stories told by Lena Russell Ikkináínihki 'Gentle Singer,' a fluent speaker of Blackfoot from the Kainai (Blood) reserve in southern Alberta. In contrast with other Algonquian languages, such as Cree and Saulteaux (Ojibwe), Blackfoot is not usually written in syllabics, so these stories are presented in the Blackfoot language using the Roman alphabet, together with the English translation. The spelling system is based on the conventions of the International Phonetic Alphabet, and should be transparent for native speakers of Blackfoot as well as for linguists. The 8 brief stories include: Why the Blackfoot Language is Important to Preserve; Prayer; My Father, Rides-Many-Horses (2 stories); A Finger Bone and a Rag Doll; A Spirit; Cold Weather; and Rattlesnakes. The Reader includes a Blackfoot-to-English glossary containing all the nouns, verbs, adjuncts, etc., found in the texts, as well as stress or pitch accents over the vowel or vowels which bear the accent.

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