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Ernie Louttit
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Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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University of Regina Press
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The Unexpected Cop: Indian Ernie on a Life of Leadership by Ernie Louttit is the author’s story of his life as a police officer and later as an author and leader. Acknowledging what has been lost and what can still be gained or recovered in traditional learning, Louttit’s adds that young people will be champions of this new learning – oral traditions of storytelling in the midst of new media but what is taken from it will challenge how well we are grounded in what we value and believe. It is equally important to hear the stories of those who lived through the challenges, coped and learnt as their stories may surprise you. The Unexpected Cop is a story in sixteen chapters. The chapters discuss storytelling, fire service, women in policing, use of force in the military, entering and working in the police force and physical and field testing for recruits, what to tell a young constable based on Ernie Louttit’s experiences, policing and sexual assault survivors, being on and off duty and police responsibilities, police funerals, the media and trust, and PTSD and survivor’s guilt. After being a police officer, Ernie Louttit supported HIV-AIDS organization, Sanctum in Saskatoon and discusses this role. The book is a reflection of his family relationships.

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